The GREENEST PLAN(E)T label is mainly loaded by the philosophy that Jan Mouws has developed and applied to his company. The plants are grown in the most natural way possible WITHOUT chemicals on the plants. They are therefore 100% free of pesticides.

Concrete measures are the use of good compost, biochar and years of use of compost tea. The latter is an extract from compost that contains a lot of micro life. This gives life to the soil and strengthens the plants. The use of mycorrhiza also provides a natural strengthening effect. Mycorrhiza are soil fungi that live in symbiosis with the plant, making it easier for the plants to absorb water and nutrients. In addition, a few types of insects are used. Reproduction and living facilities at the tree nursery have been made especially for this purpose. Think of pieces of natural vegetation here and there on the tree nursery for the wintering and reproduction of all kinds of insects. Water is the lifeline in the tree nursery and that gets a lot of attention. by using living water, the plants are more vital. All these measures also give good regrowth for the end user.

The inner strength and vitality is the core of our plants.