Tree Alley

The tree alley is formed by two rows of Sequoiadendron trees, which have been selected for the purpose of helpfulness to man. These trees are bearing the energy, the effect of which you can feel.

If you walk through this alley you feel the silence, the quietness and the direct effect on your body. This effect can work in a different way on every person. Walking through this alley is a good thing to do having walked the labyrinth, however, you can also just do it in between times. You can sit down there, exchange experiences with other people, however, you should especially just enjoy the birds, the plants and various animals.

These trees are the basis for Natura Green that is being cut off here. The effect of the trees occurs because you walk in the zero point energy field. This is the field that science thought to be a field of nothingness, however, nowadays its action is experienced more and more without man being able to fathom it and to discover what it is exactly.

This energy may express itself here and be felt.

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