Natura Healing Park

The Natura Healing Park, is a healing garden of almost half a hectare. During 2 and a half months in 2015 this project came intuitively into being. It contains 150 geometrical forms planted in with Taxus and Metasequoia trees. The contours of all the forms were ready at Cristmas 2015, thereafter all the plants were planted. This park can be visited individually under supervision of Jan Mouws. Its action takes place through the unification of the three components (geometrical formforces, Taxus+Metasequoia and a human being) which generate an energyfield that is capable of healing the present distortions. This happenes for people individually, for animals and also for the groups of people brought together in a Natura Health Spiral. The effect of this field goes very deep and is therefore sometimes hardly noticeable. This effect is delicate but irreversible and cannot be turned backward. The focus is on the soulforces and the ‘I’/higher Self, of a person. These are the main subjects /directions. The Natura Healing Park is compared to the other Natura products quite different because it causes an effect that goes so deep that the ‘change’ is definite. A session in the Natura Healing Park takes approximately 45 min. till 1,5 hours, normally it is about an hour. Jan watches the time, the costs are 90 euro per hour.

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