Natura Herbs

The Natura “Sun Egg” is a field with a small forest, a vegetable garden and an egg shaped garden which is completely planted with plants. The field is at a distance of about three kilometres from our nursery. An egg form carries the possibility of providing new life. This is only possible with help from the outside world. The form of the egg is the contour on the outside of the garden, towards the middle it changes into a lemniscate form in the middle. A lemniscate (8 form) is the form of infinity, emptiness. The space within the egg has been planted with a variety of plants, kinds of plants that want to be helpful as Natura herbs. The geometrical form forces referred to are active in these plants. The whole project was started in 2006 and developed step by step. It is managed by Brita. The work is done by her and people who dedicate themselves voluntarily and who, by doing this, are experiencing an inner development. The Natura herbs is a mixture of about 30 different herbs which all have their own contribution.


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