Natura plants

Natura plants are plants we grow in our plant nursery and that are selected for people personally. This is possible because our nursery is cooperating completely with nature, so the plants can bear the energy that is generated this way. The plants will be acting on your energy field. We cannot tell in advance what the effect will be on you, because this also depends on how far you are open to this matter. The effect as well as the speed of change are different for everybody. A supplement of information on the subject can be found on our website under Naturaplants (only in the dutch version). We have launched the seperate naturaplants part, because here we present the basis of all our activities and it explains how we have started. Natura plants are forming an important part of what we do. In the beginning I worried about plants suffering a lot and even die at home. Now I understand that the energy that is generated when we select plants for someone burdens those plants enormously. The plants in question are working for man. This is a completely new phenomenon in our consciousness. I have reconciled myself to this now, accepting it as helpfulness to man. Naturaplants are a supplement to your garden. Their action is such that a HEALING GARDEN is coming into being. The plants will be working for you, this is entirely new.

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