a tree for the garden

Dear Jan, two years ago my friend from Wales came to see you and the labyrint. You gave him a Sequoiadendron piece. He cured of prostate cancer not long ago and travelled to his old mates in Australia to make a bike trip, what a joyful life! Now we have come back (nov 2015). It is the perfect time to plant a tree in many perspectives. You gave me a Metasequoia and a ginger plant for Hester. When I read the description go the Metasequoia again I read the tree originates from China, Sichuan. That is exactly the provence where I started my Qi Gong practice in 2008. It was a moving time because we ended up in an earthquake. Trees were still standing though the earth showed cracks and many were wounded or killed. We felt very lucky and surprised to survive this quake. A shock showing the fragility of life. And how strong trees are, when you need them, just grab them, in the case of an earthquake for example. Thank you.    M. en H.