Natura distillate Wollemia

The Wollemy Pine is really an ancient plant, present on this earth for about a 100 million of years. This plant was rediscovered in Australia and re-distributed over the globe by the Arboretums?? Because of its age this plant carries an enormous amount of information in itself, and has saved in himself the unique quality of ‘oneness’, of pure unity. The Wollemy Pine can not be used just like that, it is only survient when it is meant to be.

The Natura Wollemy Destillate
The effect of this distillate is pure unity. It is so universal that problems can be healed which cannot be remedied at the moment in any other way. Natura Wollemy Destillate is used by rubbing it under the soles of the feet. Its effect is not quick but the after effect is very longlasting, even after the treatment has been stopped. OIt carries a new way to solve problems via/through the contact with the physical body.

Natura Wollemy Disc
Deze schijven zijn geschonken door de Wollemia plant. Zij werken in afstemming op de individuele persoon.

service in return
The Wollemia disc and Wollemia distillate can be ordered in return. Would you like to know more about this? Please contact us.


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