Natura green

Natura green is a little bag filled with off cuts of Seguoiadendron twigs. This bag can be used by just carrying it on one, by putting it with you in bed or by taking a cure in a bath. All these methods have their own effect. Carrying it on one has the effect similar to that of herbs working energetically on you, so that you can find the rest you need. If you put the bag in your bed it will do its work during the time you are fully in rest and thus will intensify your sleep. The bath cure will be most intense, because the energy is carried by water. This bath cure will be necessary only once, because it has a big after effect. Natura Green is active, it heals parts in your body, which have been present there for a long period of time. However, you did not know how to bare them and subsequently heal them. Besides, the action is soft and intense so that you can always continue to function. This is important , so that you will always keep your balance.

The working of the little bag of Sequoiadendron wood chips occurs owing to the connection there is with the trees from which they have been cut. The working is long-lasting and intense. The connections which the manager has made and maintains are the basis for it. The working is exclusively acting on your energy field and can consequently be felt directly in your body. This is possible , because the astral and etheric bodies are entirely connected with your earthly body. The astral body is your soul body and your etheric or life-forces body include your chakras, blood circulation and digestion. Owing to the cleaning of these two bodies, the energy flow can recover in your earthly body.


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