This extraordinary plant was suggested by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) as an important nourishment for us in times to come. His suggestion was to add this plant to our feeding as a replacement for the potatoe. The Dioscorea Batatas is a plant able to store lightether in its roots. By using these roots in our nourishment, we can absorbe this light. Because of changes caused in our atmosphere by things like CO2 polution, food manipulation, pesticides etc. there threadtenes to be a shortage of this inner etheric light both in nature and in humans. For us human beings this inner light shortage surely creates healthrisks. For everybody who is aware of the importance of healthy organic food, The Lightroot can be a valuable addition to the menu. The root can be eaten raw, or heated up and added to a meal. A Lightroot omelette is definitely worth trying!

Because of its inner lightstorage the Lightroot suits perfectly in our Natura developments. Jan Mouws used his intuitive gift to make contact with this plant and through this connection the energies for both the plant and for people has intensivied. This plant demands a lot of care and attention to be able to grow well and to share its light in an optimal way with us.

Slowly bit by bit the Lightroot reveals its secrets. This plant has something unique to offer to the times we live in. It adapts fully to the person that grows it. This means that the inner quality of the roots will be different with every single person that grows them. Also every continent will bring forth a different style of Lightroot. The Dutch/Belgian roots for the Dutch/Belgian people, the African roots for the African people and so on. The plant fully resonates with what is needed for the earth and the people that are living there. This is the first fragile beginning of not having to transport food all over the globe anymore, as the best food will be found in the own region. This is possible because of the big transformationshift our earth is going through.

Due to this change we can only advise about our own Lightroots. Jan Mouws: ‘If I feel in our Lightroots, I do not feel the lightether as the most important quality anymore, but I feel the life-ether more and more. Our roots are changing . The people here need more lifeforces and this way it can be given to them”. At the moment a 100 grams of our Lightroots is enough for most people. At our Tree-nursery we sell them from November till June. The costs are 38 euro per kilo. From 500 grams onward we supply peatsoil to store them in for a while.



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