Nursery J Mouws exists since 1978, gradually built up by Jeannette and Jan Mouws. We grow garden plants in pots. Despite the fact that this is an unnatural way of growing, we still try as much as possible to grow and keep up with nature. We do this by mixing good quality of compost with potting soil, by adding myccorhiza fungi, introducing insects and treating sprinkling water in a good way. This method of cultivation is necessary in order to keep the earth liveable for future generations. This has resulted in the plants developing an inherent force. Each plant species has its own qualities or energetic abilities.

By the inner intuitive development of Jan Mouws a species of plants has come into being which are referred to as Naturaplants. If we know the first and the last name and the residence of a person and intuitively select a plant for him or her, the plant involved will start “working” for the person in question, thus the plant will be subservient. The way of dealing with the plants and the intuitive ability of the nurseryman meet together and in this way each plant in our nursery can become a Natura Plant if we destine it for someone. If in some garden there are various Naturaplants for different inhabitants, they will co-operate in harmony for the inhabitants involved. The plants will mutually exchange their energetic qualities for the benefit of the residents.
The activity of Naturaplants is soft and natural. We cannot tell in advance what will be the effectiveness. Under the section “experiences”of the original dutch version of this website, a small number of reactions can be found. We have been working at Naturaplants since 2006. In this period various species of plants have been added to our assortment, including fruit carrying greens and eatable plants such as : blackberries, bilberries, ginger, lonicera and Jerusalem artichoke. They have additional qualities. Owing to the practical way of working also gardeners can use Naturaplants, because for selecting Naturaplants it is not necessary to know the people personally.
As a gift for someone, it is living and personal.

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