Company Information

Our company is 5 ha, of which 12,500 m² are greenhouses, 2000 m2 shade hall,
1.5 ha container field and 1 ha open ground planting stock culture.

We almost completely do the propagation and cultivation ourselves.

We grow ornamental shrubs and climbing plants in pots, varying from 2.5 liters to 7.5 liters.

Our main crops are Agapanthus, Callicarpa, Ceratostigma, Corokia, Corylopsis, Cotinus, Ficus, Hydrangea, Mahonia, Viburnum, Vitis, Wisteria etc.
The total range consists of 65 varieties.

By actively promoting the natural cultivation  with the introduction of the GREENEST PLAN(E)T, consumers can now consciously choose plants that have been raised in the most natural way possible. Previously there was little or no choice. The label is used for sales to private individuals (via garden centres), the horticultural market and public green spaces.

NL Greenlabel

The 'NL' in NL Greenlabel stands for Nico en Lodewijk, the initiators of NL Greenlabel who have set themselves the goal of promoting the use of sustainable materials and products in the broadest sense of the word. The origin of materials and products plays an important role in this.

Green gives people more peace of mind and less stress. It adds experiential value to our lives. That is why green is the future. NL Greenlabel has a clear vision for the future. Making sustainability measurable is central to this and communicating these values to the end user by means of a passport. If a plant scores high, it deserves an A label. Our life and nature must come into balance. Quality of life must go hand in hand with sustainable use of natural resources.